sempre ricordandovi l’appuntamento del Q11 a roma,pubblico anche
questa letterina e allegato linkino di un invito a partecipare a un
queer film festival che si terrà a berlino il prossimo
maggio(soleee!!!).visitate il sito                              
nonostante il paesaggio tossico
cattofascista non sia dei più
favorevoli per allargare una discussione di decostruzione di genere,
confido nel lavoro del collettivo romano che si trova a preparare il
Q11 con molti dubbi e difficoltà, ma aprendo un’importante discussione
di confronto.


hello all,
a group of people here in berlin are putting together a 
queer DIY film fest in may'08. if you've got great films 
you'd like to see shown here, contact the e-mail address
ENTZAUBERT is a radical queer d.i.y. film festival
which will take place from 15-18 May 2008 in Berlin
on a squatted all-queer caravan site.
for the second time we will create a space for queer films,
their directors and their audience. for 4 days the open air
belongs to films which question heteronormativity and capitalism,
pomote diversity, and deconstruction of socially accepted 

we are looking for movies within or beyond these categories:
d.i.y., queer, non-commercial, documentaries, no-borders, arty,
punky, anarchic, porn, trash, feminist, funny, serious,
low-budget,no-budget, music, international, socialist,
homosexualist,revolutionary, poly-amourous, lazy, 
tranny-dyky, faggy, old, brand- new, provocative,
difficult, hot, ………
 deadline: 15 April 2008
about us:
entzaubert is noncommercial, entry to all screenings is free.
we support the idea of copyleft and creative commons
entzaubert wants to be a platform for movies, 
films, documentaries that don't have a place
in big commercial festivals.
It doesn't matter what language your film is in. 
we will announce this in the programme and might
be able to find translation.
This is a radical queer festival. we interpret queer in a
radical- left way: Fucking with gender normativity, 
borders and fighting for workers' rights are all part 
of one movement.
queer is not a lifestyle. it means the radical questioning of
oppressive structures and the interconnecting of different struggles.
no borders!
no nations!
gender fucking!

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